Dede Yebovi About My Touch Of Africa

My Touch of Africa based in The Netherlands is an upscale online women’s and men’s clothing and accessories boutique that opened in July 2015. Our unique pieces are versatile, glamorous, made just for you, and ready to be worn from the boardroom to any occasion.

My Touch of Africa combines African fabric and western clothing style keeping the uniqueness of the African continent alive by bringing its heritage to the modern consumer.

We source most of our fabrics directly from local African markets and other local shops. In buying fabrics in Africa and producing our garments in Africa we are giving back to Africa. We always pay a fair price to these artisans, which helps their businesses thrive and helps them support their extended families. A fair price also means we get top quality for our customers. In doing so, we intend to maintain long term relationships throughout the years with both suppliers and customers.

My Touch of Africa is owned by Dédé Yebovi, a Canadian woman with African origins. Dédé lived in Togo and Gabon during the first years of her life. After a successful career as a manager in Canadian and French hospitals, she decided to pursue her dream of owning her own unique clothing line.

She loves to design, and channels her creativity and African background to co-create, with other talented African designers, the most chic and unique garments. Although she has been creating her own one of a kind clothing for years, Dédé is excited to finally make her pieces available to you on My Touch of Africa!

When she isn’t creating fabulous clothing, Dédé enjoys spending time with her husband and two beautiful daughters.

We are delighted to have you visit our page today. Enjoy the experience, and don’t leave without owning your very own unique piece, specially designed in Amsterdam and made with care, from Africa to you!




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